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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wash Away

I got food poisoning. It was all very tempting.

Then they overbooked my flight and thanks to my son I fell down a flight of stairs . . .
Then I heard from the people who adopted our little darling.

He's still moist.

Everything I wanted is unfolding, even the things I hadn't ever imagined..
So buckle up. This is happening. Awards don't mean anything. SOPA's dead. PIPA's dead. You don't have to like it . . or me even . . .

Cause is not a fact. It will never be. I'm glad to know there are sensible people out there. No regrets, they only hurt . . . sing me a love song instead. Upgrade your gray matter.

This is where I do it. Oh, waves of Time!

Wash away . . .

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