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Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Mole's Last Supper

 A solemn Mole came from a hole,
 To catch a lunch of tender sole.
"I've Lost my Sole", so sang the Mole,
 And held up high his fishing pole.

 He drank a drop of salty sloe,
"O Sole Mio", he sang also.
 Then set a fire with lumps of coal,
 And slowly downed his meal of sole.

"In Hell's Hotel, there lies a gal.
 A little mole for whom I fell.
 On her pillow, upon her bed,
 I'm madly tethered, fated pledged!

 "Mind me not, as I seek a ledge.
  I'll blindly jump, and float to sea.
  One more Mole, to eternity."

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