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Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Note, an Observation

They don't strike me as men with values of their own. They recognize good when they see it in others, also dishonesty as long as they see it in others, but to their own behavior and conduct in this regard they are blind. They are more to be trusted with what they are in search of, i.e. their ideals, and ideas, than with what they have already acquired, or taken possession of and made their own. They are searchers.

They'll forfeit humanity to obtain their success. Good they'll do, once they have had a look around and have seen who will notice and how that will help their cause. Their morality is exploitive. 'Upon seeing goodness they in others, they'll import some quantity their own account so long as it is profitable. Theirs is a value system gained by mimicry. What they hear they'll repeat but only if it becomes a chorus. They disparage dishonesty in others, but to their own lies and deceits they are blind. They seem trustworthy with what they are in search of, but not with what they have already taken.


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