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Friday, April 29, 2011

Now that they're Married

Let's talk about hypocrisy . . .

Now that the death toll climbs above 500 in Syria, where is the hue and cry to save the citizenry in that country?

I'm being facetious because the stated reason given by every war mongering politician from Cameron to Sarkozy to Hillary Clinton was that we needed to go there to save citizens from that mean old dictator.

Here's the lowdown:

The U.S. is involved, and the Europeans got very involved, due to Gaddafi's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Moussa Koussa, who recently negotiated contracts to deliver Libyan oil to the Chinese. Mr. Koussa has since defected to Britain, which seems like an illogical place for an enemy of that state to defect to since Mr. Koussa was the Libyan who ok'd the Gaddafi's regime funding of the Lockerbie Pan Am Flight 103 bombing, which took place over Scotland in the 1980s. The bizarre ease of his defection to England this year, and his subsequent disappearance shortly afterwards, spells only one thing:

Moussa Koussa must have been a Western agent all along.

What gall! We're certainly not going to let the Chinese get that oil! How useful it is to have one's agents in foreign lands do the things that provide a justification for military action. No other act by Gaddafi could have angered the West as much as this, especially at a time of record oil prices.

One even thinks, that Gaddafi himself may have been duped, especially when one considers the timing of these contracts.

Back the thought process one notch. Suppose, just suppose, Mr. Koussa negotiated those contracts, offering to supply the Chinese, so that the Brits and froggies and everybody else with a quick trigger would have a flaming good reason to go in there and get the oil for Western oil companies. Maybe even one injured and limping company called BP perhaps.

Suppose Mr. Koussa who graduated with a BA in sociology from the University of Michigan in 1978, was recruited by the British or Americans to serve as an spy within the Gaddafi regime. Indulge this thought for a moment. It would have been his job to do things that would allow us to strike out at Libya when it was convenient, such as moments when the oil prices got high (Reagan years and currently). If Moussa Koussa was indeed responsible for the Pan Am 103 bombing, why on earth would he seek asylum in the UK, unless there was a pension waiting.

Recently, with oil going through the roof, and all the distractions of the 'Arab spring', it was necessary to think of a reason to divide Libya, between the half that produces oil, East Libya, and Tripoli, traditional home to pirates, and yes, the capital and current home of Moammar Gaddafi.

What action could produce a unilateral aggressive response from nearly all the powers in the West against Gaddafi? His being brutal with a few civilians who demonstrated against his dictatorship? No way. But on the other hand, deepening a relationship to sell oil to the Chinese, that would call for a huge response from the oil consuming nations of the West.

It would mean all hands on deck. 'Freedom Fighters' from all over the Muslim world would have to go to Bengazi to join the fight. We'd have to create the semblance of a growing democracy movement. We might even have to indulge the odd Al Queda fighter or two anxious to establish in a fractured Libya, and inhabit the power vacuum of a deposed Gaddafi.

Libyan economist, Ali Tarhouni, also a graduate of Michigan State University, MA 1978, recently left his wife and a position at the University of Washington to become Finance Minister of Libya's National Transitional Council in Bengazi. The press hardly mentions who's actually in charge of the new East Libya - perhaps that's why Mr. Tarhouni's 'position' with the new government is not clear. What is clear is that foreign powers who organized this rebellion, are the ones in charge.

Someone reliable is needed to stand by the spigot!

It does seem as if Michigan State has been a launch pad for pro-Western Libyans. It possibly even was a training course for deep cover Western agents sent to the Arab world.

Let's break for a moment from these suspicions and look instead at some facts. BP, as it turns out is responsible via its dividend payments for approximately 25% of all British pension incomes paid in that country. The UK, as most already know, has recently fallen on very hard times. A disruption in the flow of cash to small stockholders, mostly through pension funds, would be catastrophic trauma to the welfare state. Teachers, government workers, and retirees, all those relying upon the British till, actually need BP more than the rich. This fact has been heard by leadership around the world, and has had its uses, particularly for those owning large shares of BP and other European Oil companies.

The BP oil disaster in the US Gulf of Mexico, knocked approximately 40% off the value of BP's stock and did severe damage to its projected dividend stream. It is thus easy to understand why the impending threat of Libyan oil being sold to the Chinese may have been all that Britain. France and the US needed to manufacture the Libyan uprising and consequent war.

One can imagine a conversation between BP's chairman Tony Hayward, President Barrack Obama, and Prime Minister David Cameron:

Hayward: The oil we're drilling for is too costly. Scotland's done. Your Gulf looks way too expensive. We can't continue at this pace. Underseas oil is ten times more expensive than the oil on land.

Obama: What can we do? You've got a debt to pay. Pay it. We'll try and help out on the business end.

Hayward: Well there's a ton of oil just off the Libyan coast. It's shallow there. The Italians have a sort of 'claim' on it from their old ties. Gaddafi can't afford to develop it. We can't do anything unless Gaddafi's out of the way.

Cameron: That would mean we'd have to start a war in Libya. Italy will not want a part in it Berlusconi has his hands full.

Hayward: War would be easy if the Chinese could be seen as moving in. Maybe only half of Libya needs erupt. We take Bengazi. We'll get the oil that's in the water, and on land both.

Cameron: Our man Moussa wants out. Things are getting hot. 

Hayward: Have him negotiate something with the Chinese. That'll get the Froggies on our side in a hurry. They're Lefties when it helps their cause, but if they see that crude going to Asia, Sarkozy'll lose it. We'll have to control him!

Very quickly the masters of deception form a 'To-do List' for Getting Libya's oil, and mineral Wealth:

1) First the populist uprising in Tripoli would have to be magnified. It would be necessary for Gaddafi to be seen doing some really loathsome acts, and let international sentiment build. If Moammar himself won't do it then Moussa Koussa can butcher a few people with what tenure he has left.

2) Create a caste of freedom fighters, we'll call them 'rebels' for now, in Bengazi, East Libya, where the oil is. Let them be seen fighting with inadequate arms and training.

3) Get those 'rebels' up and running with an aspiring government. Might as well base them in Bengazi, near where most of the oil comes from. Find Mr. Koussa's classmates from the University of Michigan  call them out of their professorial lives to head the new East Libyan state. They are spies after all.

The whole drama's a show, a very necessary show if what you want to do is take oil from under the noses of our economic rivals.

And to cover it all, let's talk big about saving the citizens of Libya!

Citizens of Libya?

It is not to save the citizenry. Never was. Whenever a government does or says anything to play upon your emotions, realize that you've been had. You've been duped.

Mr. Moussa Koussa and MI5 and their Washington cousins have played a fast one on the Chinese!

Good job guys. Well done!

Of course they, the Chinese, know it, but they can't do much about it because it's a plot that's too thick and too difficult for most people to understand.

Oh . . and last of all:

4) Put on a good show for the people back home - a Royal Wedding!

So, to those who watched today the poor sod that got born into the British Royalty, the son of a wonderful, and most likely murdered woman, to those who felt elevated when they watched him kiss a commoner and in the touch of his flesh, turn her into a Royal . . .  please realize . . .

It is ROYALS who are firing on demonstrators in Yemen.

It was ROYALS who murdered peaceful demonstrators in Bahrain.

It was ROYALS from Saudi Arabia who were given carte blanche to take off in their private jets moments after the twin towers exploded, and go home, DESPITE the fact that it was a SAUDI cousin of a friend of the SAUDI ROYALS, who caused 9/11 - Osama bin Laden.

Also remember it is ROYALS who are firing on demonstrators in Syria. [King, President who cares what the title is . . . I'm trying to make a point. While not all the Arab dictators are 'royal', they act like they are, spend like they are, and listen to their subjects just as carefully as 'Royals' do, when cornered.]

It was ROYALS who forced the colonists of this country to take matters into their own hands and create a democracy.

It was ROYALS then who called those American commoners 'terrorists'.

And it is ROYALS who help the common folk forget that it is actually not the ROYALS who are robbing them blind. It is the oil companies, the companies that make jet fighters and cruise missiles and all the machinery of war.

It's economics dummy! Is and always was. The nice Royalty just puts a clean face on an aggressive state.

So fly your helicopter safely Prince William, you're a married man now. I wish you and Kate all the best.

As those rotors turn, as you become older and wiser, give some thought to other theories regarding your mother's death. You may find the heart down the line, to forgive your father for his part in it. You may not. If you become king, you will be a truer king to your 'subjects' if you do away with this royal scam . . . forever.

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