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Thursday, October 21, 2010

What Bird?

This is a commentary on one of the Muse poems, "Bird of Black"

Here she speaks about becoming an expert tracker of Raven, . . . or rather. . . the principle of communication throughout the psychic / mythic universe.

He caught some bird of black
Who wants under my fear
To relate to me how a dirty canvas comes . .
A Chameleon who guts earth.

Then say why marrying has trouble
Pathetic Parasite! Envying music!
Humidity gives your notorious skirt
a share in our pride-hearted system.

Your passion in sleep,
for watching, captures, surfaces.
What howl did serve my young face?
To always need a slimy, curvy and emotional snake.

                                                                         1/7/08 with Tiana Hunter

Can Raven be tracked if Raven doesn't wish it so?

This is an interesting question and pertains to all the spirit guide deities, collectively some of the most powerful forces in human history. Ganesh, Hermes, Raven, every culture has one.

A spirit 'guide' is a psychic force, given form and prayed to for guidance. All of the forms taken by spirit guides move, that is they transition from one state to another, and can pass through any barrier. Hermes guided an old man through the embattlements at Troy. Ganesh is famous in the Vedas for providing guidance to the needy, through any barrier. 'Hermetically-Sealed' was a Pasteur-era way of saying that early canning processes sealed food against the spoilage caused by Hermes.

But can the spirit guides themselves be tracked or followed? Can they be followed if they do not wish it?

Years ago I found the embodiment of Raven in a young woman named Rainbow. She called after Tia left to say "Mark, there are two hundred crows in my yard" and is curious how I 'found' this principle . . . so she likes the story. .  and asks me to tell it to her again:

"Relate to me how dirty canvas comes. . . " . . . about the "Chameleon who guts [or cuts] earth." This is a representative of Quetzalcoatl, [Quetzalcoatl is mythologically much the same being as Raven. In Central America he is the sacred lizard, half-snake half-bird, who travels with ease between heaven and earth.]

Here she asks me to link that thought to why "marrying has trouble". . . or . . . 'tell it to me again!'

She blasts us with the phrase 'Pathetic Parasite' . . . "Envying music". . . Yes, in my defense, I do envy music . . the gift of the Muse herself . . how is it possible not to envy the truth or beauty of music?

"Humidity gives notorious skirt'", as if, 'make it damp enough and it will get sexy'

"a share in our pride hearted system . . . . your passions in sleep" . . . for watching captures, surfaces [your faces] . . She speaks about [my/your] night-time projections / journeys then she asks why do you "always need a slimy curvy and emotional snake" . . . meaning 'why are you endlessly attracted to the notion of original sin?'  Here she refers to the Garden of Eden, and the woman cast in that central role of Eve. . .  To Tia, who is Eve-like. . 'What howl did serve my [thy] young face?' . .  . meaning, 'does this poem make sense to you?'

She knows poetry; "Howl", a famous poem by Allen Ginsberg, is her reference to poetry in general.

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