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Saturday, November 27, 2010

10/04/2005 - Drawing

A painted crazy one with J___.

J___ X___ is coming over. She is electrifying for me. This simple girl with the big scar down her chest. So trusting. She has the heart of a dove.

I'm trying the word thing again, painting out the words.

The test here I think is about her father, a Columbian shaman, and his healing work

Yet the shaman abandoned his daughter.

Our experimentation continues. We continue to work on the drawings together. She’s fabulous at handling a brush and mimics my strokes perfectly. After she models she stands up and takes a color and I take a color and we go over the lines together, bringing some forward, allowing others to fall back. It’s a process of resolution and simplification. Finding the meaning of the lines.

The yoga of ten poses becoming one. The yoga of ten dances becoming one dance.

I’m teaching J____ to draw. Gave her some formal exercises to do at home this week.

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