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Thursday, August 26, 2010

For Arjun Potter

Hear an ode on paper to Arjun Brandreth Potter,
Be Dante here to tone a rap.
Or Auden to pen a Bornean pantun
. . . or Borat, to rune a rondeau,
A troubadour pater penned an epode tune,
To a Buddha hunter, Arjun,
A, J, B, D, E, H, N, P, R, T, U and O.

Hebe! A babe Arjun’ born . . .
Hearbeat dependent, opened e’d . . .
Arjun, true Buddha natured!
A deep oath reported heard ‘round the hood,
Arjun earth born to truth endured.

Read Phaedra, Daphne Dana, Rhoeo,
Andromeda, Argo’, Orphe, and Pandor’
Read Arab’an N’te’
Read “On the Road”
Read Pope, Donne and Thoreau
Read Bharat’ Rabinandrath’, Butea red and pure
. . . and European Arthur.

Arjun, eat trout or tuna
. . . . . Nuphar on a pond
Hunt a toothed boar, and bear.
Run a horned deer on a heath o’ ca’una
. . . . . prepare heather tea
. . . . . and trap hare
. . . . . haunt a tent taut and bare.

Tap a tree root . . .
Hear thunder roar.
Ponder tender Horehound, or Anredera tuber beer
Juju aurora’ appear.
Pot, Henbane, Anadenanthera, or Arundo root . . . a toad button ‘o Rue.

A Hoopoe, or a Papuan parrot,
A Thorn tree Oenanthe,
a Phoebe, Roadrunner,
A Northern Tern,
A Heron, Brandt or not, Audobon reported.

Eat a pea, a pear a pepper, unpodded
Date, oat and banana, peanut butter,
Eat bread and butter heated.
Potato, beet, and rhubarb battered,
Ant, prepared and treated.

Ephedra (heart rate),
Jojoba (to poop)
Rue (an herb)
Anredera tuber and Dodonaea, Barbarea and Burnet (to eat)
Heather or Burnet (bleeding).

Or tap another order,
Pet Nepeta,
Burn Jatropha,
Thorn Duranta, Brahea, Butterburr,
Threatened Jubaea, heated, treated, prepared, and poured.

A parent portent:
Don’t hunt Bothrop alternatu, the red round tan tattooed urutu,
Or the hooped and headed Japan habu,
A banded death adder, returned to a horned tree boa,
Ate a rat around a rubber tree.

Thuja tree Arjun,
Brahea, Toona,
Baobab, Todea Barbara, Phylocladus
Trapa natan, Jade, and Pear.

Arjun! Dare an Andrea, Anna, or a Barbara perhap’?
Beth Dana, Rohdea to Deborah, Arjun phoned
Then Hope, Janet, Joanna, Arjun dated
Adenophora to tart Nora,
Rehderodendron for Randa and Nanette,
Both are tortured.

An auburn-headed babe deep and hot
Or a redheaded partner, tanned, draped neat and true
Tantra’ ruder, and taboo.
A tatoooed ten’ rather rare
Bad Dad Burton dare to be rude
Bathe Arjun!
Rub a dub tub dude, to bed a brunette nude.

A European hab’tat Arjun?
Or a Honduran deep harbor port?
Perth enroute to Aberdeen or Toronto?
Board a Papuan boat to Peru
Japan, Andora and, Nauru
Jeep tour terra Tu, or northern Aruba
Departure ‘or Pak’tan ‘n Urdu
Bonapart Ath Dour abandoned.

Tune a rune to a tone Arjun
Nuts, roots, buds, pods,
An art erupts at heart
A potent jaunt
A baba parent taunt
Don’t be truant Arjun!
Or be a herder at the border
Don’t trade jade.
Be proud
Hone a tanned hand . . .
Antennae heard around
Don’t pretend about, or tend to bend
But attend and bond
Breathe . . . .
Be hearted . . .

Arjun, Bhutan robed, and pated?
Arjun, an Arab ‘n an urban turban?
Or a threaded, bearded abbot to an upper order?
Bhutoh, Noh, or Dada theatre dared.
Not a barbed hunter or a predator,
A Bhatt Potter pure and true.
Nor a porter . . .
A prophet honored . . . .
Arjun! A broader reader opened
Arjun! A tender poet reported
Arjun! An author honored.
Hedera to Arjun! A proud parade u earned.

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