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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Poem for Jordanna

Jordanna Adr_____ Ols______
. . . an Arkansan . . .
I’ll draw you an ode in ink
. . . . in J, O R, D, A, N, E, , N, O, L, S, Z, W, K, and I

Nine one won no dollars, no loans
Sell a dozen Nikon lenses a week . . .
. . . laziness dizziness slowness sadness disorders
. . . diseases and ills, insane dna
. . . needles worsen diseases and ills.
. . . iodine and iron

"I read, liked, learned.
 walked, worked, needed
 I knew a deed was done
 'ere I knew I drew his seed."

"Is Land’s End near Adrian’s wall?
 Or Arizona a sea eroded?
 Do Illinois dine on Alaskan krill?
 Is Kansas an island, or Ireland sand?
 Indiana an area of Delaware?
 Or Iowa end in sand somew'ere?"

A sane Arkansan ate Jordanna's sorrowed swill,
     and drank a London landlord ill.
A swan, a zed, a rascal drake,
     a kennel sired zero, 
     a drone, a dodo or an ass.
A doe I was, a swan I liked.
An Alan, Andre or a Joe.
An endless error . . . "Will I learn?

"I was a looker, a lass
 Was I an ewe 'o a jaded rake?
 A nannie ‘o a kid in jeans."

Are a lion’s nasal noises leonine?
Or a snails slow sliding limacine?
So an ass ears’ are asinine.
A dead dodo’s is didine. I know
. . . Less is known so I’ll allow.

Ana Elsner dined . . .
Dianne Wakoski died
Add weird lair.
Nine o us ran
Rained all year
All seasons.

“Aird an ald is a downie,
Ire I know Norse", I said.
“Well .. . . Well’s Wood!”

Annie Liddy added anoles
Laura ad 'er sea adder,
as a sea-snake side wine'd inside 'er,
Skinks of snake, so lied a snake
So a son ran beside ‘er.

A soldier wanders warlike, an Iliad,
one sailor’s odd I see.
One Nazi’s address added, dialed,
a lion’s nasal noises so leonine,
or a snail slow sliding, so limacine.
As an ass's ears are asinine,
A drake’s jaw so is anserine
A dead dodo’s ass, didine.
Is a Kansan-Alaskan an Indian?

I ordered wine and dinner,
Son drank kola.
Rare salads 'n sardines
Snails in oil, dried leeks
Aniseed added, dijon raw in jars
Rare sea sole, eels in seaweed rinsed raw
Wine we drew and drank,
. . . seasonal salads, daikon, wild dandelion
. . . sorrel, seaweed, soko and onion
. . . nori, kale, kiwis, . . .
. . . okra, and seasonings.

Noon in Sweden,
a Weiner Seal solos.
In Ireland a Killdeer walks alone
Larks of Israel and Jordan near
A wake of Sri Lankan rooks in Indian air.

Lizards lie in New Zealand seas
Sierras, A'las, or Andes,
Iranian Swallows near an eerie
Aras, Neka or Dalkaki.

In Swaziland some lions reign
. . . Near Komali’s sea low . . .
‘Ere Nkanni road rises, Manzini
. . . Maloma and Nsoko.

As Korean Wrens solo
one Kim, Lee, or Park
On Asian soil, an Ark.
Like Iris, Andrea or Eleanor.

A red rose in Jade
A Rowan in an old oak wood
A Linden or a Willow o’ so wild.
Alder we’ll allow.

A seeker senses kinder arrows
"You’re kinda loaded,"
Dawn. I reawaken Jordanna's rose
Inside undresses noises soiree ankle’s narrows,
nose and ears,
Ladies’ drawers drawn lower, downward your knees your endless loins,
darkness drizzles on, Jordana’s dew oasis,
raw answers kindle kindnesses.

Zones oiled, join loins I ask
Darkness dared laid rear
Ironwood indeed inside
Resin rises, skills so slow
I releases ink.

In dark Sierra Leone do orioles sew solo?
Do snakes in India sink inky skinks?
Asian owls swallow swallows, in Laos?

In Silesia linen and silk soirees, in ladies’ woolen dresses
Dawn - we liaison in old Warsaw
An Oddessan sea we sail, on wine dark awkwardnesses.
Drink ozo in Eros’s 'Ellas . . . near Adrianna’s wine dark sea
. . . . O wild Jordana Olszewski,
. . . . Is an oz. ‘o weed allowed, or LSD?
Awaken Kali’s dark desires in India’s old Del'i?

Dear Diaries. . . I dialed,
Dressed in jewels and Alizarine
. . . . drank a rare red wine . . . .
added desire
. . . laid in Silesian linen.
Silken dawn weekend liaisons
Raised sessions in old windows
A seeker senses kinder arrows
Kindles, answers kindnesses.

Kinda loaded, I reawaken Jordana’s loins a’ dawn
Kiln zones oiled, join loins I ask?
inside undresses noises soiree ankle’s narrows, nose and ears,
ladies’ drawers undies drawn lower, swells,
downward knees endless loins I dare
Eros’s zones I see, a nodal zone so rare
Sin is near, skin is raw
 . . . Will I reawaken Jordana’s warrior?

Darkness drizzles on Jordana’s oasis dews.
Diomedes' sword,
Jordana's nodal zone slewed.
A darkness dared laid rear,
Indeed inward, deer inside,
A rider ridden, risks, riddled, a reward,
Iliad's Akilles win Jordanna's war,
 . . . or will lose, adored.

Resin rises, skills so slow, Jordana’s old jardin,
Nearer I know, nearer a doe in Jade.

Arrow Wood, Oleander, Ironwood,
. . . Red osier, Redwood, Willow,
. . . Alder we’ll allow.
Oak, Zinnia and Wild Rose,
a Rowan in an old Oak wood.
A Linden near a Willow o' so wild.
 . . . Willow Redweed, Silkweed, Roadweed, Sneezeweed . . .

I releases ink.
Soil soaked, oozes, as in sand.

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