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Thursday, August 26, 2010

I sold my Love to Another

Last night I said goodbye to a lady,
One I most dearly loved
Her dusted face smiled down at me
With proportion and grace from above.

Her soft pink skin, her furry limbs beamed wide,
Fifty five by thirty three, . . she's a giant also inside.

Her copper cornice and glass clerestory,
Her cool basement bricks,
That took the edge off a fiery summer,
And held heat when snows fell thick.

The steel beams I lifted high,
The garden wall I built with my two hands,
Twelve huge timbers I craned in place,
And laid across her span.

The stones I cut to match her face . .
Her cornice lips I designed,
A figure fitting for a lady's place,
No finer craft could one find.

And when I laid upon her bed . . and looked up at all the stars,
I was lulled to sleep by the breeze instead . . and the sounds of distant cars.
It's hard to say I loved a building . . . I loved her with all my heart
Her masonry and beams are a piece of me, but now our love has grown apart.

I sold her to another man, he bought her away from me. .
She wasn't even at the closing, to loan me some sympathy.
I gave away her keys this morning. . . now another must bury his heart.
Into her beauty he'll be pouring . . . his fortune and his art.


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