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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Poem for Natasha

Natasha Alexsandrovna Romanova,
Your name's a hex, 'n one, ten, and three,
A, D, E, N, H, L, and M, . . .
. . . O R, S, T, K or X, and V.

'N Eden, an Aden Anthera. . . .
Harmala à la LSD
Som sees small .. .. .
As Anna Akhmatova, Arvo Mets, KR, or Novella Matve'va,
Sem'on Nadson, Varlam Shalamov, or Vsevolood Nekrasov.

Restless, dark and ernest
A tankha of dramas stressed,
Stelae to an ode 'n tone.
Honest verse metered, as Dante’s love . . .
Tetrameter, Heptameter or Monometer verses,
Aesthete arts, a rondelet, or sonnet,
     a sestet 'n movement.

O’ dark emerald, Amaranth!
Hot lava and lavender!
Lemon and Maroon . . .
Rose, a red rose
     Salmon and sea,
Seashells, seals,
     Smelt, tan as a teal.

Andorra . . . . . . Denmark
East El Salvador and Korea
Kosovo, Laos, Lesotho, . . . Oman
Andamans, Samoa, Monserrat, Malta
     Moldova and Kosovo

A Desert Earless Adder,
     or an ornate red rattlesnake
ate a northern mole . . . .
     or a Sonoran tan Sand Vole.

As an Easterner heralds a tree savant,
     of a northern order.
Lakes, north, slender smooth,
A monster headed snake,
     hooked and horned.

Some starts are taken,
Some seeds are tasteless matter.
Almost every hot-larded meat
     Roasted salted, and eaten.

Every love made meets every need,
One or another related reasons seem so
    rolled, slathered, served 'n states to travel.
Other related reasons more on dark loves
Hot toasted loaves love, are loved
Also desert, dark desert,
     even had heard of home. . .

Alas denote another area of armor
A man as attendant to a Dame
Added 'n advent as one deals death . .
     A desert she does eat.

Hardened hams 'n Les Halles
A hare's lost hats, held 'n hotels
A horse, a hardened hand, a modern home holds
Later lavender heated homes have less.
Lemon leeks, O'sters Marennes,
Denotes events evolved,
Markets mashed melons
Honest meat meals matter most.

Mother moves Son
Modest names needed? . . . none.
Noon's normal 'n Northern Normande.
Notes of order, needs no other ovens
Ranks late and rated rather a realm reserved,
     What roasts 'n rots 'n rooms related?

Salmon salad salted, seasoned sesame
Servants overseas served several shallots
She’ll season and sell smaller shorter smaller salted salmon
Streaked 'n streams, streets so so old and taken
A tavern tart travels . .. . tasks 'n tearooms teas tended 'n term . .
Ten theater seats themselves translated,
     Tools and trees taken,
Veal and Tomatoes Varenne . . .
     So these three are translated.

An aardvark, and a deer,
An anteater ran as  an anemone,
A hamster harasses a hare?
     An anole's harem harvests a homeless heron.

A dodo rooster, or a rodent, or an eel,
     or a toad or a shark or a snake,
An ass or a rake evermore.
Or a rodent man,
Salamander, moose, marten,
     a manatee or mare.

A meerkats' name resonates
As an otter or a drake . .
Or a rook, a llama, sloth, or shoat,
No mole, mallard, nor mammoth stoat.
A larval knot hovers near.
So a kestrel hovers here.

On a veranda,
     Mars and Andromeda,
          Have vodka, tankers of vodka.

Soaked and talked shredded naked doom
Arms slammed, loosened, threatened,
Shared, hammered, entered.

Hoard needed, attended
Straddled, enthralled . . .
Horned and tattooed
Smeared and rendered. . .
     Matter ended.

Asked, reveals dreams
Doomed, seasons earned
     A thread asked, and thanked . . .

Honored and hated. . . released . . and sensed,
Dressed, stressed, tossed, dated, elevated!
Talented, devoted, hearted, translated
     Starred, honored resolved, evolved. . .

Eat heated meat, a treat . .
The oldest omelette's a sonnet.
A monk’s hood, masks tastes, and deals death,
So a shark remarks on mammal morals,
     Makes a models metal heels.

A Naked toothed Moonseed!

As an athlete notes and leave themselves to love,
Move, seek, talk, and thanked
All are loved,
So an emerald herald moved
An old soil held, deserved and sold
A hand 'n the land,
 'N Shetland sands reserved.

End the stand
Told monks to tend, overheard
Hard, antennae, stelae 'n Denmark
A Tennessee devotee tells a male tale . . .
'N Semele’s ankle, a needle.
A mole solos 'n a hole.

He has no sole role,
as a kettle settles me.
Shame the same name tamed,
Then home a handsome threesome
     A meddlesome tome!

Someone alone, one serene theme,
A tone, a stone, her stone . . .
A horseless shoe dared to stare
     A rare share, adheres there.

Please don't hate the state.
A hare reveres, reverses
Theater eases, releases more sense and nonsense. . .
Else those loose nooses traverse.

Too late, my roommate . . . my tea-mate.
Demonstrate, Dante removed,
Tolerate and moderate,
     a remote note voted, tasted,

Leave a slave, a valve to solve or resolve.
Dove, love or removed a nerve,
     Reserve Allah for Sarah.

Noah's tankhan ashes mashed 'n hash
A rash of harsh hash trashes death. . .
The math o’ heath and marshes teem.
Health 'n a month . . .
     A smooth tooth taken,
     A steak soaked 'n northern oak
     A redshank, stalked, hooked, shook, drank.
     A look
     At a dark Horned Lark
     Remakes Denmark.

A healed stork may ask to mask?
A nodal deal, or ordeal taken to task?
A meal of veal, or a normal oral molar.
     An astral mortal ornamental?

Adam's sad madam. . .
Amsterdam dreams,
A stream of teams 'n Harlem
Seems then to stem the realm
     Of random elms.

Mom envenoms a room, a maelstrom
T's a Roman Ottoman meaner than Shree Lankan Man?
Or her man Herman, a Sonoran man 'n Manhattan
Herren taken, seventeen, a moorhen then.
     She's seen to harden.
Then eaten . . . A raven hastens to eat,
Eleven, seven, ten, a stamen or an almond,
     A statement on all men.

A neon London demon. . .
Red-throated Loon looks  . . . .
The moon a lesson learned,
A Roseate Tern a modern skeleton too soon . .

Hat on. . . no ammo. . . no tattoo . .
Toronto, Amaretto doesn’t hear.

Tear, rear, near here dear . . . my ear . . . my altar, my avatar
Does Mother smother another seeker?
Mark, her healer hammers home,
Nearer, looser, theater later,
Steer or veers deters no meter,
A Seer or Vate,
To thrash her leather other.

A thermometer 'n a salter, . .
     Moreover . . . a letter,
A toddler sheltered shorter monsters,
The letter masks the lover, a hero hovers over Thor,
A tremor of amour . . .
     more a meteor.

And so a manor honors a smashed door. . . .
Overseas Dallas has aromas
A Kansas morass . . .
     lead headed dreads . . . .
A Salads of seeds. . .
     Holds hands 'n the Netherlands
     Demands toes to stand end to end.

Elevate her mentor, her Master!
Her errors, as Vedas!
Overseas she has Dallas teammate dramas
Aromas, ananas, a morass, 'n Kansas
The Rasta dreads Eve’s salad heads
As a red seed,
Holds land,
   A knoll 'n the Netherlands.

An eternal lethal Rosenthal,
Several oval models stalk, and talk
Steal lemons, tease travels,
Shovel all marshals.
Enthrall hell! Overall she’ll retell the marvel
     A doll for a stroll . . .

A stansa sends almonds,
. . . methods, odes, or modes
He knees, seeds trees, ashes, . . . lakes
Sells needles, ankles, . . . holes,
Names roles, themes, . . . .
      Holmes or Hermes.
Tones translate overtones,
Restores, there’s more . .
     'N lanes, releases and erases senses,
     Menses, loosen nooses, traverse verses.
Horse's dreaded mess, tossed, stressed shoes, smalt and stones.
     A roommates' sane estate.

Photo, Irina K

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