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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Poem for J_____ H_____

J____ L___ H____ sings one song,
Nine songs, as one song.
A E G H I J L N O S an' U.

She sees signs in shells,
In jealous soil.
So sing a song angel!
Laugh in June.
An eagle's angel laughs so soon.

Sing along angel
Nine Songs . . . laugh, sing
Sell sea shells . . .
Is English usage enough? . . . no nouns!

So sing along angel, laugh along . . .
one long jealous noise.

Hinge a nail in his house,
Has a sign for sale, a louse
He'll see an angel's hell, a lesson.
So sing along angel,
Laugh in June.
An eagle has loans enough
One sees and sings of sin so soon.

A jealous ass I guess I is

I oil, join her loins, her ass, her legs, her jugs,
A non-legal union I sense, I guess.
She's unleashing, loosening languages
illusion's nonsense, signals shining
unusual sessions snuggling sealing
inhaling sensuous, hashish healing.
sensual liaisons, nagging, sinning
ongoing gleaning, hugging,

glasses signal jungle senses
shoes shell noises sense oasis
ganesha gleans enough insane genius
sushi unions singing solos
souls using alien angel's logos

Jealous sin has no goal
Jealous sin has no soul.

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