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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Poem for Ileen

I scan Ileen Scala's nice fine lines
Ileen's a nine, a sac a sins . . .
I sense an assassin in Ileen.
L, A, C, E . . S, I, N, S

Ileen Scala's clan is nice.
Ileen's C, L, A, N is N, I, C, E.

Cease Ileen!
I see Ileen in lace.
In science class, I see Ileen's nice lean ass.
In a casa in Sienna, in Alsace, in LA
Sail a sea, Ileen.

I see Ileen in Cannes . . .
Cine and cannellini Ileen?
I see Ileen in CIA all lies . . . L, I, E, S
. . . Sail a sea Ileen!

Acacia, Acaena, Lilac and Linnaea
Alcea, Neillia, Laelias, an Cassinia
Ananas Encelia, an Ananasas
Cassia an Callisia is Salicaceae.

I see Ileen in Silene
In Calisia I see Ileen
Ileen nice as ice in Acca,
In Scilla, Seneca is Laelia clean in lace
. . . Sail a Nile Ileen!

Classic lines Ileen, nice lean lines
Ileen in Alsacian linen . . .
A classic lens . . . an Asian scene
Cillia’ cells' license acacian essences. Insane!

An Isle calls, a canal seal,
An ale Ilene? In Alsace?
Alien snails 'n eels, 'n ice,
. . . Sail an Asian sea.

A clinical call cancels all.
Call Ileen, else I'll 'e insane.

As Lilac incense ceases nasal illnesses . . .
. . . Salicin essences lessen clinical ills.
Ileen sacroiliac science is ace.
. . . Ileen's essence is lace!

In Ileen I sense incense,
Alas in Ileen licenses lie:
Neil's an ass, Allan a classic case.
Leslie, Anna, Anais, Celia all allies . . .
Lecia, Alice, aliens.
Alice, insane. . .
Lance? . . . asinine.

An ally I am Ileen,
An ally I am.

Ileen, Ileen, nice 'n lean.
Clean lines - I sense sins . . .
Ileen's lines Il access an' scale,
Else I is insane.

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