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Friday, July 22, 2011

Tea-bowl for Bill Duke, #20 of 36 "Cervantes Cup"

     "On this bowl, iron-oxide danced,
      Quixote's soul, Pancho with lance."

The Shino on this one stayed white, and didn't get blasted by ash from the fire. 

It fired in a quieter portion of the kiln, lower, and closer to the chimney, on a fairly crowded shelf. So it simmered, reduced somewhat, but not heavily. The iron-oxide brushwork retained a bright-red color, and hasn't been obscured by heavy fly ash or reduction.


The wind blows over the earth,
The image of Contemplation.
Thus the kings of old visited the regions of the world,
Contemplated the people,
And gave them instruction. 
                              [Hexagram #20 fr. the 'I Ching', R.Wilhelm translation]

Truly this project has been as much about me desiring to travel the world with a bag of tea-bowls, like some quixotic Santa, visiting friends, and talking over tea.

A fools errand? Perhaps. Yet I've had no conversations that weren't improved by some herbal drink or smoke. And conversations with friends are far superior to the many conversations I hold with myself.

Thought and contemplation with friends are the design of the plant world, intoxicants and foodstuffs both. They had our many philosophizing talks in mind when they evolved.

Lately I've pursued a consultation of the I Ching through many of these cups, but I won't get carried away today - I must not forget the goal of the project: to give away as many of these tea-bowls as possible, in return for sharing a cup of tea.

Read more about this project here.


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