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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tea-bowl for RJ #24 of 36, "The Mountain and the Tree"

     "A slim tree with leaves of green,
      A mountain hidden by what you're seeing."

I'm at the end of the 4th row, two thirds through the project. Cup 24.

Allow me a moment to reflect on this experience so far:

Good friends, old friends, and true friends have responded. So have a very few people that I don't know well at all. It is a great joy to use my work as a way of meeting people, and placing my work with them.

For me, this is a challenge in memory and observation, applying a daily discipline to understanding my own work. I've never been so familiar with what I've produced, as this series of cups.

As a potter it's been humbling. It's all out there, flaws, everything.

If you're a yogi, you count the breath. If you are an athlete, you count your repetitions. Shouldn't writers count words, potters count cups or plates, and painters count brushstrokes?

Counting forces concentration. This is one meaning of tantra.

On this particular piece, crystals formed on the side facing the fire. The crystals have a greenish tint! It's so interesting how the different woods that get burned in the kiln affect the colors of Shino glaze.

I'm attempting to give away 36 tea-bowls, all from the same wood firing. 


    123,  4,  5,  6

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