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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tea-bowl for Ami, #28 of 36, "Fire and a Shawl"

     "A weft ikat by fire woven,
      A sketch of flames in a witches' coven.
      On that sari, or pashmina shawl,
      My drawing behind lies hidden from all."

In cup time I'm probably out walking around a remote body of water, looking at mushrooms and plants. In cursor time I'm still in New Haven, updating these posts before hitting the road. In fire time? I have to get busy and load my kiln - I'm way backlogged in bisque! In day time it's time to get off this machine and over to the studio. Yes I went on vacation, and left this project on autopilot for four days.

So I'm overjoyed to find a few of these mugs have been 'taken'.

I've purposely shown the ashy fire side of this one, and not the red-flashed drawing on the other side. The difference comes down to this - my work or the fire's work? Which is better? Do I have to ask? Sometimes I show the drawing side simply because you have to see what the drawing is to know whether you'd even give this cup a chance in your life. But clearly the fire always, always beats me.

So what is the right 'place' for a drawing, for man's work. Should man's work be in front of nature, or behind it?

I've saved this beauty for my dear wife. She likes the size and feel of it. 


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