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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tea-bowl for Rebecca, #6 of 36, "The Drinking Cup"

    "Win this bowl without a fee,
     Drink from a vessel, soul-ed by tea."

This is Tea-bowl #6, from my "36 Tea-bowl Giveaway Performance"!

Bowl #5, the "Vampire Cup", was never claimed. No matter. It will be for sale in the exhibition. 

If you want this tea-bowl, act quickly! . . . oops! . . . too late . . . it's already gone.

I post these at approximately midnight, Eastern time. This gives a fair shot to East Coasters, West Coasters, and those across the pond.

Your cost? Drink a cup of tea with me at my studio. Or persuade me to travel to you, at my cost. If you live far, find me some lodging for a day or two. I welcome the excuse to travel.

This tea-bowl got hit by a lot of ash during the firing. Crazy wonderful drips on the inside, which you'll see when you drink from it. It's a tad taller than the others.


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