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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tea-bowl for John Manion, #26 of 36. "The Island"

     "A distant isle swathed in fog,
      From ashen fire, a dawn-rising raga."

I'm on the way to the North woods for a few days. The scene on the side of this bowl makes me wonder about the dawns, fogs and mists that are yet to rise at the beginning of a day. . . . have we even begun to experience the colors of them all?

If we pollute our planet enough, dawn will no longer be 'rosy fingered'. She'll be beet red, and she'll extend into midday.

Sunrise on Titan.

Let us not turn Earth into Titan!

This bowl has been promised to John Manion, a new friend I made this summer at the Shingle Shanty Preserve and Research Station course on Botany with Jerry Jenkins. John is curator of plants for the Kaul Conservatory in Birmingham Alabama. We'll have a cup of tea together and wander through the beautiful collection of trees and plants.

The grid below links all the tea-bowls that are part of this project.


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