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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tea-bowl for Rainbow Girl, #7 of 36, "The Mystery Cup

     "A humble bowl's modernity,
      Took some soul, from a mystery."

This is Tea-bowl #7, from my "36 Tea-bowl" giveaway project. The point of this performance is to turn the making of 36 different objects into one work of art, by giving them all away.

I want simply to share tea with friends in these 36 different tea-bowls.

This bowl is grey and pale Shino with touches of color. There's a shift of color, caused by a difference in iron concentration within the underlying clay where I made the joint. Experienced potters will see that I failed to make the lip perfectly level at that spot.

Mysteries are not rare. In fact they compose most of existence, which is not there to answer our questions, simply to exist, not to answer.

Mysteries close to what we're familiar with, are rare, yet these are the greater mysteries.

This tea-bowl goes to a lifelong friend, one who goes by many names, Rainbow, Rainbow Girl, Rainbow Warrior, and RBG. Artist, environmentalist, and poet, Rainbow indeed embodies mystery, as much as a priestess from Eleusis, or a shaman of the unsettled West.

The mysteries of life, so many of them, unanswered. Science produces more befuddlement, not less.

And so . . . as a potter, having made many hundreds of these bowls, for me, this is a mystery.

There are developed ash crystals where the fire hit the pot face on, and a beautiful bit of dripped glaze on the inside.


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