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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tea-bowl for Lan Ma, #4 of 36, "Simplici-Tea"

     "Why so pleasant, drinking tea?
      Life's great lesson's is simplicity."

This is the 4th tea-bowl I'm giving away as part of an art performance.

The Shino here has almost no variation caused by the fire, is only lightly reduced, and seems sagar-fired, or from a gas firing.

Lan Ma, a student in Plymouth, in Devon England, chose this one.

You can tell this piece is wood-fired. The crystals that formed near the lip, were caused by ash.

Most wood-fire results show a lot of ash deposition, which makes one side of a pot or bowl very different from the other.

So it's a welcome surprise when something turns out simply, like a bride who walks through fire without getting soot on her dress.

Tomorrow I'll be posting bowl # 5.


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