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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tea-bowl for A Devi, #33 of 36 "The Alchemy Bowl"

     "When tea in this, is finally bowl-ed,
      The X you'll see is green and gold."

Cup 33. Three more to go.

In case you've not been following, the cups are disappearing almost as soon as I post them. I wish the early days of this experiment had been as busy. I fully expect the project to complete with some people feeling excluded. I can't help that. I've put 36 cups up, in good faith, for a month now, dangling them like a school kid's baited hook. Now it's almost time to go home and get busy with life.

I've got work to make. My studio's a mess! A bird is loose, flapping around in the upper story, and there's a leak in the roof. I've got work to glaze, fire, and poetry to finish up. My kiln rebuild needs some more tweaks - I have welding to do.

My next six months will be busy, travelling, and enjoying tea with the different participants in my studio, up north, or around the globe. I have reasons to see places I've never visited.

I have leads to a few galleries interested in exhibiting these 36 works, complete with various gifts of art, poetry, etc.

As pots, they have many flaws. To all you gloating potters out there - I know, I know! What should one do? Only make works that are perfect?

Or give them away? That is what I've done. What I've asked for in return, is structure, a matrix, of memory, solidifying my understanding of this body of work, as a lead into doing more.

All hold tea. So we also have flaws, all of us, but hold soul. Those who have participated, I think understand the synchronous nature of this experiment.

The cup is an anagram for soul. Mine, yes, but more the person that agrees to take it on. Soul flies to it. . . and fills it.

Like tea.


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