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Monday, July 4, 2011

Tea-bowl for Natsuko, #1 of 36, 'View of Mt. Fuji'

     "Fuji's ire for Natsuko drawn, 
      This tea-bowl, fire dripped upon."

This is the 1st of 36 stoneware tea-bowls that I'm giving away as part of an experimental performance.

It has a landscape on one side, an ash pattern on the other, and a pair of brilliant drips on the inside that sparkle. It's a gentle pictorial image, with a pattern of crystal ash on the other. The drips, one on the inside wall, and one on he bottom, sparkle. They're fully fluxed intensified by clear liquid ash that fell from a shelf above.

My good friend Natsuko liked it, so I'm calling it 'View of Mt. Fuji'. She lives in Italy now. Maybe it will remind her of home.

I'll continue this process for 36 days.


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