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Monday, July 18, 2011

Tea-bowl for Flo Gans, #16 of 36 "The Revolution Cup"

     "What does Rupert Murdoch fear?
      He's turned eighty, could play King Lear,
      In James his son, the ego boasts, 
      He made a run, with his father's ghost."

16 comes after 15 . . . So the years of our life advance one at a time, and the days, and also the seconds.

16 is a perfect square, like 36. (4 x 4 = 16). As 15 becomes 16, things consolidate. when moving from a product of two primes (3 x 5 = 15), the state portrayed is revolution.

The I Ching originally proscribed divination with 49 yarrow sticks, but the most often used modern method employs three coins. However, the method that most closely approximates the same probable outcome as yarrow, is the four-coin method, which is based on two to the fourth power, or 16.

Revolution is a time of new beginnings. How fitting that the 16th hexagram of the I Ching corresponds to "Enthusiasm".

The 49th reading of the I Ching is indeed, "Revolution" or 'Molting'. However as we're not using yarrow sticks, nor 64 cups, rather 36, I thought 16 was the more appropriate number for this cup, as changes in the world's media, are indeed a cause for celebration, and enthusiasm.

16 is the link between 36 and 64. All are perfect squares, of 4, 6, and 8 respectively.

16 and 60 are often confused by English speakers. At 16 we're an old child, but at 60 we're a young old person. At 16 marks the beginning of legal independence, 60 the beginning of retirement age.

16 is also the atomic number of sulphur, 'brimstone', the smell of rot, also fireworks. Sulphur is volatile, volcanic.

Sixteen and sixty both mark the beginnings of changes, young and old.

A four place binary counter will only reach 15, written as '1111',  then 'resets' to 0000. Hence revolution. Therefor it is a fitting number to describe replacement of a Father by the Son, the changing of guard.

Spirits of Fathers and Mothers hold places for us in the ground, or sky, or as atomic diaspora, or as spirit thought. Death disseminates all.

Why should tea-bowls be any different?

Polly Toynbee, recently wrote in the 'Guardian: MP Tom Watson has been "one of the few dogged truth-hounds" who calls the unfolding of the phone-hacking scandal in Britain, "a slow slicing of the cucumber, one sliver of information after the next."

She makes the discovery of truth, sound like the advance of time itself.

She further describes the karma of News Corp, Rupert Murdock's media empire, besieged now by decades of its own influence peddling, as the making and breaking of political fortunes to enrich its corporate coffers.

So when hell breaks loose, . . . it's colorful!

This one's got a lot of flashing action, a stormy sky, a fiery sunset over the land.

I call this 'Revolution Cup', for while today revolutions are commonplace, the revolution taking place closest to America, is a revolution of media.

The net, the web, makes these revolutions possible.

Rupert Murdock's troubles are just part of the times. I don't like him, but I sympathize.

A Media dictator falls - Murdoch.

An Arab dictator fell - Mubarak.

An Arab despot will fall - Gadaffi.

An American despot fell - G.W.B

An American President rose - Obama

A Saudi Terrorist goes - Osama.

The world needs a more representative selection of media, without the bias imposed by one dominating corporation.


It's a miracle to me why this bowl was not claimed in the first round, or until now in the second round. It's one of the very best. I'm happy to say it goes to Flo Gans, a revolutionary healer, cousin, who recently has become a dear friend.


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